Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Project Description

GraphBeat project is about creating a digital space where users can make their own graphics and rhythms by live video tracking.User will form a visual and aural composition.


The main objective of this project is developing a platform where users can create their own unique graphics and musics.


Max/Msp CV.Jit, tracking live video input
Forming specific rhythms
Creating and programming an interactive platform


Project will be done using Max/MSP/Jitter. I have to learn Max.


Objects each having unique rhythms can be added and with the interaction between user and the objects can form a new composition.

Project Schedule

10 - 15.11 ~ Max/Msp CV.Jit, tracking live video input
15 - 25.11 ~ organizing visuals, rhythms, programming
25 - 30.11 ~ simple demostration of the system
01 - 10.12 ~ simple working demostration of the system

Project pdf and Gantt chart


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