Thursday, January 11, 2007

Project Vision:
GB is an interactive project that works in real time, using a live feed which is enhanced by a Max/MSP/Jitter patch.
Project is about creating a digital space where users can make their own graphics and rhythms in real time.
GB allows users to have an audio/visual experience that is interactive and responsive.
As user moves, face position is tracked, position parameters are passed to a 3d object that is textured by the real time captured view.Changes of these parameters effect the rotation and the scale of the object.
Motion change in each splitted view produces a different note.
Moving in front of the cam with hands and head, each and every time a unique composition of sound and vision is formed.
Max/MSP/Jitter and computer vision for jitter is used in the project.
Live camera input is processed using;
cv.jit.faces ~ face tracking, texture, render ~ 3d vision
jit.scissors ~ splitting the view
Objects used;
cv.jit.faces: scans through a greyscale image and tries to find regions that resemble frontal views of human faces generates simple geometric shapes as a connected grid, creates one of several simple shapes laid out on a connected grid (sphere, torus, cylinder, opencyclinder, cube, opencube, plane, circle). These shapes may be either rendered directly, or output as a matrix of values. create an OpenGL texture from a matrix or a file.
jit.scissors: cuts a 2-dim matrix into a specified number of rows and columns and outputs those regions as smaller matrices.
makenote: Supply note-offs corresponding to note-on messages.


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